Wake up

Signpost "Order vs. Chaos"Common sense is basically defined as being able to make a reasonable and sound/logical judgment on a basic issue.  Have we lost this in recent years? Are we as a society too worried about being able to find a safe space to ride out our problems instead of facing them head on? What has happened to our society? Have our minds begun a de-evolution process due to all the information we could ever desire now being placed literally within the palm of our hands? Have we forgotten how to search for answers we require to grow? Has this process started a cause and effect of not knowing how to socially interact without sounding like childish beings whining that things did not go our way?

It is in my opinion; we as a society are digressing just as fast as our technology is progressing. We have human rights activist acting like wild beasts in the streets. We have lost the ability to sit and reasonable talk out our differences. Our next generation of college students, who will be our next working class leaders, throwing tantrums if they don’t like a guest speaker who comes within their campus walls.  Women, marching on the streets for Women’s Rights, wearing a vagina on their head, sorry ladies last I checked this will not help your cause, but perhaps show your immaturity.  (In case you a wondering I am a women)

The time of “Everyone deserves a trophy” needs to come to an end. Parents you need to allow your children to deal with some issues on their own. Those who never allow their baby birds to fly from the nest will never know their true strengths.  We need to learn to speak about our differences, and not in a malicious way. We need to realize that sometimes in life things do not always go the way we want them, however we reroute and regroup and move on.  The sun will come up tomorrow, a new day will begin.


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